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The Senator Dika

He loves to read and managing talent. Also has a 'very good sense' of humor.

The Archon Lini

A business keeper. Port of consulting. She loves karaoke a lot.

The Supreme Akbar

Fun isn’t something one considers when being a supreme leader. But this… does put a smile on my face.

The Glourious Erick

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M White Hat

Choose to use their powers for good rather than evil. Also known as “ethical hackers”

Izhar Story Teller

Professional laugh maker, also Chuck Norris' sparring partner. Just swipe right to get closer.

Inquisitor Nino

Professional wanderer who manifests curiosity into visuals.

Prince Keiko

Creative juggler

Magician Luki

Clientship or relationship? Your call *wink*

Mother Denvi

Keep smiling, keep shining! Stop complaining, start learning!

General Jay

I can't make it good , at least make it look good

Freyj of Bella

Typo is one of my major pet peeves (Yes, I'm that person you love to hate) But please don't cut me, cause I bleed words.

Rockstar Alvi

Tidak menyediakan alat pesta.

Mother Lifia

An amazing Timekeeper. Nothing can slip away from her timeline. Be careful, sometimes she can be like thanos.

Gun Grey Hat

Expert who may sometimes violate laws or typical ethical standards.

Grim Reaper Afif

All hail his grace, Afif Andriansyah, first of his name. I bring glory, wealth, and prosperity wherever I go, graphically.

Laurent Chan

Happy-go-lucky kind of girl who has signature visual taste. If you are a cat person, there's one plus point for you :) .

Waraweki Clan

The last person who's remain on his Waraweki Clan.

Elisabet Contessa

An ambitious learner that seeks higher and heavier physical challenges to achieve a healthy and fit body. Likes to do beauty makeup to emphasize myself as a form of self love and exotic pride. Achieving all those goals by analyzing my path to the top.

Hunter Siwi

Seeks, pursues, or looks for something precious.

Nisa Executive

Happiness is a happy client. The Beatles save her life and she'll never be as cool as The Strokes.

Mercenary Andreas

One of the guy with the most common name in the neighborhood He easily recognised by messy look and some pictures on his left arm, often wears black t-shirt, jeans, and converse.

Prayer Aisyah

She's like that one roller coaster ride.

Drunken Hermit ncang

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Mayor Calvin

Client's smile is my happiness.

Apprentice Don

Jr. Designer who was born and raised by Adobe family.

General Ghazi

Your typical Japan-esque office persona dressed in formal suit riding the Commuter Train during rush hour.

Gendis Contessa

Always tell her story through her finger. Sometimes funny and annoying at the same time. But she'll be the one who always miss.

Fragrant Harum

Born with the name Harum Febriyati, but people always called her: Bocil (bocah kecil).

Ureche Alfit

Learn everything, but she's an expert on yelling.

Rendy Mocaloyd

I take no pleasure in destroying Maraxiform's greatest work of art.

Reyma Producer

Excellent huntress and widely known for her Sacred Arrow which stuns her victim with deadly precision.

Elder Tomo

MVP (most vague person).

Duke of Jundi

Take three coins and block Foreign Aid

Maestro Putra

Master of silence and passionate to visual beauty

Silence Eko

A phillosoper, story said he can meditate and work at the same time

Mother of Tya

Rule the galaxy, one who can hear a voice from above

Smiley Alvin

Happiness is his force and words is his swords!

Strange Nuzul

Spread a happiness, joy, and laughter. share the goodness among their friends.

Little Ozza

An innocent child who always laugh in every condition, but sometimes can be very emotional. have the power to make people agreed with her.

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