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As its primary market has become more affluent these days, Pucelle is challenged to stay relevant to the future generation, Gen Z. We realized how aspirational Gen Z can be, surpassing the aspirational level of its predecessor, millennials. Their pain point was difficulty in finding someone to look up to.

‘Rejuvenation’ is the right term to reflect what we do for Pucelle. The route of rejuvenation was plotted to elevate Pucelle brand image.

Becoming a bible for fashion and lifestyle was our intended purpose for Pucelle, just like Vogue with less steroids.

We crafted seasonal contents which aimed to become lifestyle bible for Gen Z by adapting fashion spread of fashion magazine into social media. Along the way, we twist the execution by featuring prominent figures in the content. That gave a reason why our audience need to stay on our page longer to engage.


Proof that we become a style bible for youth is shown from our saved contents rate on Instagram. It increased from month to month. This also prepares Pucelle for the next product launches.

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